Get Noticed.

What makes you distinctive from <br />your competitors?How do you truly know the ROI <br />of your marketing?Do you have a predictable plan <br />to grow your business?How are you getting noticed?

Get Noticed.

Would you prefer more people know about your business?

What makes you different from your competitors?

How easy is it to find you?

Do you need to get noticed?

Maly Marketing is an Activator for Growth Seeking Businesses

Any desirable campaign starts with a cohesive strategy on making your business distinctive, and not just different, from the rest of the marketplace.

Often, the campaigns we manage end with an average decrease in Cost to Acquire a New Customer by 27%, average Return on Ad Spend of over $4 for every $1 spent, or a 57% increase in people searching for you on Google. These are all average results we gain for our small business clients.

And we happen to be one of the most awarded agencies in the market with 14 American Marketing PRISM Awards and three State Campaign of the Year awards.

This is all done through our trusted and proven MAP process. Everything we do starts with research and listening. We use this to drive any creative executions and adjust based on responses from the market on a regular cadence.

This process allows our clients to remain focused on the end goal to achieve their desired results.

If you are looking for an agency with proven strategies and processes, distinctive messaging to help you get noticed, and one to handle all of the media planning for your organization, hit us up below or call for a free consultation.

Average Cost Savings to Acquire a New Customer
Average Increase in Google Search Traffic
Average Return on Ad Spend
Net Promoter Score
American Marketing Prism Awards

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Maly Marketing employs a fair number of people.

Meet the Team

Every year, our clients anonymously grade us on our performance and are compiled into a Net Promoter Score. The average marketing agency has a score of 33.

A score over 50 is considered excellent. Apple’s score is 68.

Maly has a score of 77.

Here is why.

“The best thing about Maly is there’s no BS. You tell it like it is so that we know exactly how our ads are doing without having to translate industry jargon.

The translating is what makes you feel like you’re getting hoodwinked and that doesn’t exist with M2.”

“Creativity, customer service, client engagement and overall positive attitude are working hand in hand with every dollar we have to spend.

For these reasons, and because I’m really in awe of this creative team, I would recommend Maly to every colleague and friend.”

“Your creativity and ingenuity in developing a brand for our community. I’m not so delusional to think that our small town isn’t very similar to thousands like it across the nation. Kudos for pinpointing a theme and attitude that truly does represent our town.”
“Because the staff has always given above and beyond when it comes to service.”
“I have numerous times referred people and organizations to Maly because I feel you understand the tourism industry as a whole.”
“I’ve recommended the company a number quite a few times. We’ve always been happy with our results.”

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