Maly Marketing is…

a branding agency that runs campaigns.

Everything starts with the message.

a creative shop that cares about KPIs.

Creative is only great if it helps you reach your goals.

digital natives who are media neutral.

Play wherever your target actually is.

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We are Midwestern

We’re used to finding answers with limited resources:
we’re creative problem solvers.

About Us

it’s more than just a logo.

Everything is messaging. See how we helped Black Hills Parks & Forests Association craft their message and their visual identity.

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Black Hills Parks & Forests Association
Nebraska Eclipse 2017

Creative doesn’t work without media.

None of it works unless you track it. See how we helped the Nebraska Eclipse Coalition with a digital marketing campaign – and the resulting metrics.

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You’re not looking for platforms, you’re looking for attention.

Media neutral means we find your audience where they already are. See how we helped Bright Line Eating become a New York Times Bestseller by reaching their audience through a digital marketing campaign.

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Bright Line Eating

Stop lighting money on fire.

Have a plan.

We can help you build a strategy.

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Small or Large

We enjoy helping our clients find solutions that fit within their budgets.

Here are some of the organizations and companies we have worked with:

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