Cruise & Associates

Marketing Audit, Advertising Strategy, Campaign Design


Long-time client Cruise & Associates (CA) is a growing, independent accounting firm with offices across Nebraska. They have a number of different financial services, from personal taxes to business consulting. Their client base is varied, but the majority of their clientele are blue-collar — service people, truckers, small business owners, etc. CA have had success with their own marketing materials, but wanted to present a more consistent brand message.


We began with conversations with the owner and leadership team to learn about their process, goals, and areas where they perceived the most need for help. Through our research, we began examining their business, auditing their current marketing efforts, finding their competitive advantages, and discovering opportunities.

Accounting, financial services, tax consulting — these things can be confusing. What does it mean to the person on the street? We boiled down the question of “what do you do?” to a simple tagline: “We Work for People Who Work” and created an advertising strategy and media plan for rolling out the campaign in the different communities.

The plan includes a series of direct-mail pieces, ads for print in local publications, email newsletter template, radio ads, and billboards. Each piece is directed to their target market of “People Who Work” with associated images and messaging. We also added “Tax · Payroll · Accounting” to the Cruise & Associates logo, replacing their previous tagline  as a simple cue to their services.

The campaign began rolling out in Q1 of 2020, and we are anxious to see their positive results within the upcoming year.

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