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On this page, you’ll find an assortment of knowledge we use every day. Some of it is our own knowledge and expertise, and some of it comes from other brilliant minds who work in marketing and advertising.

From segmentation to strategy, media buying to messaging, here are a few resources we use, trust, and refer to when it comes to the day-to-day.

The Holy Quartet — Four books we reference a lot in this office.
M2 Resources
  • LTV Calculator — A quick way to calculate the lifetime value of a customer.
  • CAC Calculator — A calculator to find customer acquisition costs.
  • Advertising 101 — A few “words of wisdom” from our very own Steve Maly.
Marketing & Advertising Essentials

The Long and Short of It

Some of you may have heard us talk about the long and short. It’s how we look at balancing long-term brand and business objectives versus short-term sales activations.

The general rule of thumb is to spend […]

Lifetime Value

What is the lifetime value of one of your customers or clients?

It’s a simple question, but it’s not always the easiest to answer.

What is the average purchase price?

How many purchases does your average customer make […]

Customer Acquisition Costs

Let’s talk about customer acquisition costs (CAC). This math is simple. LTV X Average profit margin = maximum CAC

The keyword is maximum.

But for some industries, that maximum can be really, really high.

(Especially for those of […]

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