Xero Shoes

Digital Campaign


Create a social media campaign to help achieve Xero Shoes’ goals of brand awareness and sales. Xero Shoes is a footwear company that was known mainly for making zero-drop sandals. In 2017, they planned four new product launches, including their first set in a series of closed-toe shoes. They had aggressive goals in reaching new audiences, building brand awareness, and wanted to grow top-line revenue by 140%.


We ran ads on Facebook and Instagram to build up brand awareness and convert those individuals into buyers. We used long-form videos on Facebook and retargeted those video viewers with content about what a zero-drop shoe is and some of the health benefits of a zero-drop shoe. We retargeted everyone in our audience with 15-second in-stream ads not only on Facebook and Instagram but also on WiFi connected TVs. We then retargeted them to the online store and tracked which products they were viewing and adding to their cart, and retargeted those individuals if they had not yet made a purchase.


In the end, we were able to grow the top line revenue by over 168% and build up the active retargeting audience to over 440,000 people — which gave Xero Shoes an engaged audience for their January 2018 new product launches.

The campaign was so successful that we continue to work with Xero Shoes — helping them to reach more people and launch new products successfully.

The 2017 Xero Shoes Facebook Campaign won a Prism Award for Small Business – Paid Social Media at the 2018 Lincoln AMA Prism Awards.

Award Winning Work