Maly Marketing is a full-service marketing and advertising agency based in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Best Work.
No Bullshit.

That’s the motto here at Maly Marketing. That’s our culture. It’s even our logo — see the thumbs up and the thumbs down? Yep, pretty nifty.

Here at Maly Marketing, we work hard to produce our best work for each client.

Creative problem solving is our specialty. From tourism to whiskey, tires to shoes, we have experience working with a variety of clients. We look for straightforward solutions that meet each project’s goals. We’re also not scared to pitch weird ideas if they have a strategic purpose — which they will.

No matter your goal or goals, you need to make an impact and get noticed. Sometimes you may need to try something a little “out there” to get noticed. Sometimes you might just need to shake up your media mix.

Branding, direct-mail, digital campaigns, billboards, print, TV, and avocado launching — our work has produced results and helped our clients get noticed.

Our Core Values


Think things through. Not just the first step. What happens 2–3 steps down the line? Why will something work? Why might something not work? A little bit of thought goes a long way.


It’s not the most modern word, but it works for us. It reminds us to take the initiative. Take a risk. Getting a “no” for a bold idea is better than getting a “yes” for a “safe” idea that won’t move the needle.


If we can improve 1% each day — the impact at the end of the year is gigantic. We strive for new insights, new strategies, and new creative executions that will help drive results for our clients. Not everything works, but we’re going to keep trying.

No Assholes

We embrace our clients for who they are, but we don’t deal with assholes. We don’t work with them internally or externally. Fortunately, as long as we take care of our other values, it seems to work itself out.

Meet The Team

Here are some of the cool humans you’ll be working with.

What’s up with the stars, you ask? One day in the office, we asked each team member to draw a star on a whiteboard. We were surprised by how unique each star was and how many different approaches there were to draw the same simple shape.

We thought this was a good metaphor for our team and the creative process. We all work together, but each in our own way to come up with creative solutions for every project.

Steve Maly


Griffin Gale
Creative Director


Monica Brockett
Senior Graphic Designer


Dany Sisson
Lead Video Producer


Tessa Lukesh
Senior Copywriter


Christine McWilliams
Senior Project Manager


Kayla Sloan Lamb
Senior Account Manager &
Digital Media Buyer


Dan Jenkins
Senior Web Developer


Gabrielle Huff
Graphic Designer