So, you want a video? Let’s break down our process.

Commercial Video Process
Production + Editing

Step 01

What’s the goal?

That’s probably going to be the first question we ask. What do you want this video to accomplish? Is video the best route to achieve that goal?

We’ll begin pre-production by understanding your goals and needs. Do you need a testimonial, talking-head, scripted commercial, drone footage, presentation/event recording?

Most videos begin with a brainstorm to come up with an idea. Then we write scripts, create storyboards, hire talent, and schedule a shoot. For some projects we begin by scouting the location to decide how we will film an event or presentation.

This step can be quite intensive and take some time. Pre-production requires a lot of planning, anticipating challenges, aligning schedules, acquiring permits, and solving problems as they materialize.

That’s the point of pre-production—to strategize, organize, and problem solve so we can take an idea from tested to planned to scheduled.

Step 02

This is when we yell, “Lights. Camera. Action!”

Just kidding. We’re not Hollywood. But there are lights, cameras, and a lot of action.

During this phase we’ll ensure everything from talent, video crews, lighting, set dressing, and on-set snacks are accounted for. For scripted commercials and interviews, we’ll have team members present to direct, conduct interviews, and frame shots to ensure your vision is brought to light.

Step 03

We’ll back up footage to a drive on our server, then our lead video producer will edit footage into Draft 1.0 for your review. You can watch the video via a Vimeo link where you can also leave any feedback or edit requests.

Once a video has been approved, we’ll provide all final formats in the required sizes and submit any cue sheets needed for licensed music.

What You Get:


  • Decide on idea and direction
  • Write script, create shot list and storyboard
  • Location scouting
  • Hire talent
  • Schedule shoot


  • Set dress
  • Direct shoot
  • Coach interviewees
  • Conduct interviews
  • Capture B-Roll


  • Back up footage to a drive and our server
  • Complete first round of interview/b-roll edits
  • Add licensed music, VO, and SFX
  • Add animated title cards (lower thirds)

What We Don’t Do

  • CGI
  • Character Animations
  • Clean up existing audio
  • Clean up existing video (removing objects, replacing a background, etc.)