McCook Branding

McCook Nebraska CVB

Branding, Economic Development, Website


Revamp McCook’s tourism branding and provide them with a platform to showcase what makes the area truly special.

McCook has a unique history. It’s a railroad town surrounded by the farms of the Republican River Valley and has been the home to a surprising number of prominent politicians. It’s also off the beaten path a little ways away.

We’re not going to lie; the first idea we presented was shot down like a ringneck during hunting season, but we stayed open and flexible and dove into research and went over survey results with a fine-tooth comb. What came out the other side was branding that tied together McCook’s history, geography, and future in a way that allows them to drive the conversation toward what makes their community an exciting destination for travelers.


To create the desired impact, we created a strategic digital campaign that included a website with information for the ten communities, Facebook Ads for each city, and Google Display Ads with retargeting.

  • Website
  • Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Google Ad Campaign


The new McCook branding has been embraced by the local EDC and the community as a whole, giving them a bold new unified visual identity.

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