Project Description

Lake City, MN is a beautiful lakeside community on banks of Lake Pepin on the Mississippi River, about an hour south of the twin cities. Famous for its year-round outdoor recreation, Lake City is a popular vacation spot, and is known as the Birthplace of Waterskiing.

M2 was tasked with creating a marketing campaign and strategy for Lake City, one that would help the multiple entities tell the story of Lake City in common language and purpose, help draw new businesses and residents to Lake City in order to strengthen the local economy as well as draws workers to Lake City for local employers. After thorough research – including over twenty on-site interviews with a variety of community stakeholders and residents – we developed a refined set of target audiences, positioning statements, and messaging for the campaign.

We were also tasked with creating a visual identity for the city – one that could be adopted by and customized for a number of City departments and civic groups. As this would be the first “brand” for a town that has been around for over 150 years, we wanted to create a durable and iconic brand that looked familiar – almost like it had always been there. With that mindset we created a geometric “block” logo with a kind of timeless quality, that can be used in a number of color combinations, and works well as a “frame” for images when used in the community. We extended the brand for use with the City, the Economic Development Authority, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Award Winning Work