Gering Civic Plaza

Logo design and brand elements

The city of Gering came M2 with an exciting opportunity: Create a brand for a public plaza. The plaza had officially opened, but it didn’t have a logo for use in any publicity or advertising. The M2 team has designed logos for all sorts of places, communities, products, and businesses, but not yet for a plaza.

With some research into other communities to see what kind of design was in the plaza, the M2 team went to work. Three different concepts were pitched, but the city quickly picked the concept presented here as the favorite.

The logo is a slightly abstracted representation of the roof of the bandshell. It can also be seen as a covered wagon — a symbol long been used in the region since wagon trains passed through the area. The logo is now used in their advertising and social media with the tagline “the Plaza Presents” as the lead-in for event details.

Award Winning Work