Project Description

Rebrand Fremont – a partnership of several entities including the City of Fremont, NE, Fremont Chamber of Commerce, Greater Fremont Development Council and others – needed a new city brand and messaging that represented contemporary attitudes of the people of Fremont. Ultimately they wanted to promote Fremont as a great place to live and work, to communicate a message of opportunity and optimism, and to attract new residents and businesses.

M2 partnered with Rebrand Fremont to create the brand strategy, positioning, and messaging. We began by conducting interviews with city stakeholders and citizens to understand peoples’ attitudes and beliefs, and to look for common language that would give us insight. We developed the positioning strategy around four topics with favorable attributes: safety, educational options, small-town community, and opportunity; and created messaging for each topic. We used the tagline “Here We Grow” to reflect the uplifting and ambitious attitudes of the city, and serve as a motto for the community. Finally- we set up two days of photo and video shoots to gather assets for the campaign, featuring real members of the community.

Shield logo(s) by Oxide Design. M2 extended the visual brand through ad design, collateral materials, brand launch materials, and the Rebrand Fremont – Brand Launch presentation and video.

Fremont Tribune, May 17,2019 : “Here We Grow” unveiled as Fremont’s new branding campaign

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