Project Description

Bright Line Eating



In order to hit the New York Times Best Sellers List you must sell 15,000 books within 30 days.  If you are an established author with a good following, you are almost guaranteed to hit it each time you release a new book.

However- if you are a first time author it is a completely different story. Only a very small percentage of new books make the Best Sellers List, and even fewer from first time authors.

To make that story even more challenging was the fact that with 20 days left in the campaign, Bright Line Eating realized the publisher had only sold only 827 books through their email list… far shy from the 7,000 that they were counting on.


Scaling to Become a Best Seller

We developed an aggressive Facebook digital ad campaign- first targeting everyone that had been on the Bright Line Eating website or interacted with them through social media in the previous 100 days.  This would cover individuals that had previously shown some interest into what Bright Line Eating is.

With the foundation of that warm market covered, we knew we had to attract new people into the mix who had never interacted with Bright Line Eating.

To do that we created a Facebook Video strategy: Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, the founder of Bright Line Eating, hosted a series of Facebook Live video events that were each 20-30 minutes in length.


Video is a very attractive and sticky medium, but anyone can sit through a video that is 1-2 minutes long.  Only the most interested, qualified people will pay attention to a 20-30 minute long video.

We created additional ads which retargeted people who had watched at least 50% of a video, and channeled them into the book’s sales funnel.

Results / Impact:

By the end of the month, Bright Line Eating had more than enough sales to qualify for the New York Times Best Sellers list. In fact, the book debuted at #5 on the list- just a few slots behind Tony Robbins’ latest book – released the same week.

Although the goal of the project was specific to the New York Times, Bright Line Eating also debuted at #6 on the Wall Street Journal’s Non-Fiction Best-Sellers list, and spent several weeks on USA Today’s Best-Sellers list.

The 2017 Bright Line Eating Social Media Campaign won a Prism Award for Large Business – Paid Social Media at the 2018 Lincoln AMA Prism Awards.

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