Western Nebraska Tourism Coalition (WNTC)

Branding, Campaign, Digital Marketing, Video


Create a brand, messaging and ad campaign to attract more tourists, lengthen their stay, and increase visitor spendings. Western Nebraska Tourism Coalition (WNTC) is a group that represents members in the Nebraska panhandle. Members have the opportunity to use marketing developed by the group to promote attractions and activities in Western Nebraska. Western Nebraska is a place where people create fun and adventure with whatever happens to be on hand, and we wanted to show the full breadth of all of the activities that Western Nebraska has to offer.


We developed branding and messaging based on our research into the area, demographic information, and the qualities and values that make Western Nebraska great. Then we created an ad campaign showing off how Western Nebraska is the perfect place to find an adventure through imagery, video, and language that highlights the fun out in Western Nebraska.

Award Winning Work