Visit Cass County

Website Redesign & Video Campaign


Cass County is uniquely positioned between Nebraska’s largest metropolitan areas, Lincoln and Omaha. It holds a wide variety of things to see and do, from the Strategic Air Command Museum to Nebraska State Parks, to breweries and wineries. Cass County is uniquely limited in its tourism budget due to a lack of taxable lodgings. How could we stretch their funds to bring awareness and maximize potential impact?


The answer was two-fold: an updated and accessible website with increased functionality and user-friendliness, and a video campaign to highlight the best Cass County has to offer.

The website update included redesigning the site to more closely match the look and feel of the Visitors Guide, and be more visually engaging through photography, graphics, and video content. It also meant reorganizing the content to highlight the most relevant, simplifying the site navigation, and removing content that had previously been viewed by less than 5% of site visitors. Other improvements included adding a custom directory, event calendar, and creating interactive trail maps for several popular locations. All of this was done to make the site more usable, easy to navigate, and of course, mobile-friendly.

For the video campaign, we created the “Just Outside of Ordinary” concept to highlight Cass County’s offerings within a short distance of Lincoln and Omaha. We developed scripts that would appeal to families, day-trippers, and curiosity seekers. We captured footage at 15 locations and produced an overview video and separate focus commercials. Videos are ready for placement in broadcast, pre-roll, social media, and the Cass County website.


We included prompts to encourage visitors to download the Cass County Visitors Guide, resulting in increased requests almost immediately upon launch- up to 400% more than had been requested in previous months.