Scotts Bluff Area Visitors Bureau

“Everyday Landmarks” Campaign

You may not remember riding the roller coaster as much as you remember standing in line. You might not remember your trip to the museum, but you remember the ice cream shop you went to afterward. The point is, you might not remember the destination as much as the trip.

Landmarks can take many forms. Landmark life events come in even more varieties. We created a campaign to explore the landmarks that form the memories of our lives, especially those of kids.

Scotts Bluff Area Visitors Bureau wanted a new ad campaign to create a sense of wonder and excitement about the area – known as “Nebraska’s Landmark Country”. We decided to build the campaign around photography and storytelling – crafting imaginative stories relating to personal landmarks. Each ad tells a different story from a unique perspective – each leading to a specific location around the Scottsbluff area. We began by finding interesting photography that we could tell stories over. We created a custom font to set the ad copy in – giving the ads more of a handcrafted feeling. The ads began running in the 2019 tourism season, with plans for additional ads in the coming years.