The Adventures of Nimbus & Dimbus

The Challenge & Objectives:

Build brand awareness for Malybuilt in Eastern Nebraska. Stand out in an oversaturated market.

Strategy & Tactics:

Malybuilt is a family-owned restoration and roofing company that has been “Working For Nebraskans For Three Generations.” They needed to stand out in an oversaturated market of branded trucks, yard signs, and door-to-door salesmen.

For this reason, we decided to create TV ads that would run on both streaming and linear TV and target specific zip codes.

Much of the Malybuilt brand relies heavily on vintage family photos and the history of the company. We honed in on this family aspect when brainstorming TV ads and landed on these two doofus clouds, Nimbus and Dimbus. Nimbus and Dimbus are just trying to have fun, but unintentionally end up causing quite a bit of damage to houses and entire neighborhoods.

The entire campaign centers around the idea that “No matter what nature throws at your roof, Malybuilt is here to help.”

To make the doofus clouds stand out on TV and digital, we went for the novel puppet approach. Lots of ads today rely on heavy CGI and animation. We went old-school, creating, filming, and editing all ads, puppets, and tornados in-house. We added a title card and laugh track to make the ads feel like viewers were returning to another episode of their favorite sitcom, “The Adventures of Nimbus & Dimbus.”

Five video ads were created showcasing a variety of storm damage, including target practice with hail, powerful wind gusts, tornadoes, and lightning strikes.


“The Adventures of Nimbus and Dimbus” campaign increased its organic search by 112%, website traffic by 231%, and, most importantly, leads by 628%.