Lucky Bucket

The Challenge:

Lucky Bucket is one of the oldest craft breweries in Nebraska. Over the previous decade as the segment got more competitive, they lost share in bars and retail locations but maintained a strong following at their brewery.

Under the direction of new ownership, we were tasked with a “relaunch” of the brand to raise awareness with consumers who may have forgotten the brand or had never tried it.


The goal was to raise awareness of the brand and get it back into the consciousness of craft beer drinkers to spur consumer trial. Additionally, we wanted to give bars and stores proof of brewer marketing commitment to make it easier to get back in coolers and on shelves.

Strategy & Tactics:

We used outdoor, targeted social, and collateral to reach our targets. All executions were built using the existing brand assets with copy focused on the word Lucky. We focused on using word association to reinforce awareness and reduce cognitive barriers when drinkers were at the point of purchase. Large drive for awareness and consideration.