Lincoln Calling

Website Redesign


Lincoln Calling is an annual music festival that happens every fall in Downtown Lincoln. It’s a three-day event that brings in over 80 bands and musicians who perform live in local bars and theaters. The festival requires extensive planning and has a lot of moving pieces to account for. For the 2022 festival, Lincoln Calling needed a new website that could be edited easily and quickly load lots of information — all while remaining mobile-friendly.


Speed and Efficiency: Rather than build on top of the old site, we started from scratch. Using WordPress we built a site with a new, user-friendly theme that was easy to edit, and loaded much faster than the old site. We also changed up the site’s theme, opting for a lighter look than the previous dark look.

Content Editing: One of the biggest challenges we needed to solve was the display of daily schedules. We needed to keep them readable on mobile devices without shrinking the content. To do this, we built the schedules as scrolling calendars of events on the home page and the Schedule page.

These schedules also needed to be easy to update for last-minute changes, so we built them in sections that could easily be swapped.

For the artist sections we had find the best way to utilize available space that contained A LOT of information. Our solution: modal popups for artist information. Sleek, effective, and mobile-friendly.

“Maly Marketing was exactly what we were looking for. It helped to work with a team that understands the importance of sustaining the arts in Lincoln and also the needs of a young nonprofit. They ensured we hit our marks.

10/10 we look forward to working with Maly again!”

Shannon Claire, Executive Director, Lincoln Calling