HVAC and the trades are competitive businesses.

If your customers can’t find you, or have never heard of you, it’s pretty hard to grow.

That’s why so many companies use marketing firms.

At Maly Marketing, we’ve worked with a number of trades businesses over the years. We understand the market and how consumers are making their choices.

That said, we were shocked to learn just how many HVAC businesses were using the exact same marketing vendors as their competition. Marketing “Agencies” with 10, 20, or even 30 different HVAC clients in the same metro.

We’ve always seen our job as helping our clients grow. Usually, that means taking market share from someone else.

We’re not really sure how you accomplish that by providing the same cookie-cutter services to a number of competitors in the same market. The way we look at it, that starts at ineffective and is barreling toward unethical.

How are you supposed to get ahead of your competition by using the exact same strategies and tactics? How are you going to gain market share from the competition if you’re all doing the exact same thing, just with different amounts of money?

That’s not the way we approach things.

We’re currently looking for an ambitious HVAC company that wants to grow.

Crucially, we’ll only represent one company in a given market.

Here’s what we’ll offer that one company:
  • An honest evaluation of your place in the competitive landscape
  • Strategies that fit with your goals, needs, and market reality
  • A realistic estimate of what it will cost to reach your growth goals
  • The commitment and ability to stay within agreed-upon budgets
  • Regular reporting on metrics that actually move the business forward
  • A media strategy that doesn’t light money on fire
  • Advertising creative that’s actually creative and fits your strategy

We’re looking for a business that wants to grow, beat the competition, and end up with a more successful business.

If you want your marketing company to work for you, and not for the competition, give us a call.