About Us

Maly Marketing is a small full-service marketing agency based in Lincoln, Nebraska. We’re driven to help our clients succeed, and to do work that we’re proud of.

Our Values and Mission guide how we do business and drive our work.

A limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t take a big swing. In an economy that is increasingly reliant on fragmented attention–sometimes you need to try something a little “out there” to get noticed.

In fact, unless you have a giant budget that allows you to saturate the market, it’s probably necessary to do something a little different to get that attention. Whether that means taking a new creative approach or finding a different media mix – it’s important to take a step back and look at the whole picture.

Creative problem solving is our specialty. Because most of our clients aren’t dealing with massive budgets, we’ve found that it helps to look for solutions that are straight-forward and inexpensive to implement .

There’s no need to start talking about re-branding if the problem could be solved by a targeted direct-mail or digital campaign. That said, if we need to start from scratch with a new brand or a re-brand we’ve got plenty of experience there as well.

If you’re thinking about doing something new–check out Our Values and Mission below to see if we might be the right fit for you.

*Not pictured: Jen, Dan, Bari, Lesley

Our Values


We are open to new ideas, new angles, and new media. We’re open with our clients. We’re open to the possibility that the next great vacation might be in the last place you’d look for it. We’re open to floating down rivers in cattle tanks and finding the awesome in every client.


We have to stay flexible. Times change. As they change so do attitudes, media consumption habits, consumer preferences and available platforms. Those are just a few of the things that a good agency will stay on top of.

A good agency is also willing to honestly assess a campaign, look at the data, and optimize, make adjustments…or blow it up and start over.


We believe in our clients and we take ownership of our responsibility to create good work that drives results on their behalf. We’re invested in their success and think that the simplest way for us to be successful is to make our clients successful. As cheesy as it sounds, we care.


What could be more fun than helping someone discover something new? Or nudging them toward an old favorite that they haven’t been to in a while? Our job is to make that discovery a little bit easier and frankly it’s pretty fun to share the cool stuff that we’ve learned with the world.


If we can improve 1% each day the impact at the end of the year is gigantic. So we keep striving. Striving for new insights, new strategies, and new creative executions that will help drive results for our clients. Not everything works but we’re going to keep trying.


We embrace our clients for who they are, but we don’t deal with assholes. We don’t work with them internally or externally.

Fortunately, as long as we take care of every value listed above this one, it seems to work itself out.

Our Mission


We work hard to produce our best work for each client. We’re proud of our work.

Sometimes we don’t get it right on the first try. Things happen. When things go wrong, we own it.

We take responsibility for our wins and our losses. We learn from mistakes, and we don’t repeat them.

‘Best work no bullshit’ is not just a motto, it is our culture.

Something that we work toward every day, for each client. It’s the end result of our values and our commitment to producing work that our clients can be proud of.

Meet the Team

Steve Maly
Steve MalyActivist
Owner and Founder of Maly Marketing, Steve handles high-end digital marketing, works directly on strategy, and oversees company goals.
Griffin Gale
Griffin GaleCreative Director
High-level strategy and messaging are Griffin’s specialty.
Logan Tuttle
Logan TuttleDirector of Sales
Logan is our point-man for new business, and handles everything from trade-shows to RFPs.
Fei SongDesigner
Fei is a talented designer and illustrator. She’s great at layout and coming up with creative ideas.
Ben SwiftArt Director
Ben oversees the visual side of all creative projects, from branding campaigns to brochure design.
Jen GollehonAccount Manager
Jen keeps projects on schedule, manages information, and makes sure our clients are happy. (Photo coming soon)
Dan JenkinsLead Developer
Dan is our website expert and handles coding and programming. He’s great at finding bugs and fixing them.
(Photo coming soon)
Bari PearlmanCopywriter
Bari is a talented writer and handles copywriting for many of our clients.
(Photo coming soon)
Lesley CongerActivist Assiatant
Lesley helps keep Steve on track, and runs the calendar, among other jobs.
(Photo coming soon)

Get in touch:

If you want to start a conversation to see if Maly Marketing is the right fit for you – give us a call or shoot us an email. We would love to talk to you.


Maly Marketing
5001 NW 1st St. #7
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