This is embarrassing. This is my first blog post since September (don’t tell Steve). Since it’s the new year, one of my resolutions is to have a new blog post for all of you awesome people every month to share what’s going on in our world.

First of all, Happy Belated New Year to each of you. May 2016 bring you happiness, success, and all of the warm, fuzzy feelings you can handle. Every year about this time, we set goals on how the new year will be better than the last, and create a plan of how we’re going to get there.

For us as a company, one of our values is Kaizen, a Japanese word meaning continuous improvement. Basically, we don’t need New Year’s Resolutions to motivate us to make the changes necessary to be better. Better people, better employees, better in every aspect of our lives.

Personally, I’m making small steps to make my days healthier by eating better and making an extra effort for some physical activity. I would rather play a sport for my exercise than to run endlessly on a treadmill. For Christmas, I received an awesome cookbook by Thug Kitchen called “Eat Like You Give a F*ck.” Check it out, I was weary at first because zero of the recipes involve meat, but I got over that fairly quickly.

I have a handful of professional goals as well. The first is to improve upon the relationships I have built with all of you amazing people. The second is to continue learning; I’m curious by nature, that means asking more questions. That part comes naturally, I contribute that to my newspaper reporting background. The third goal is to help our company grow and expand our reach into a couple of our neighboring states.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.

— Logan