Seeing as this weekend was Valentine’s Day, a special day where we tell those close to us how much they mean to us, I wrote this blog post to every one of our amazing clients. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Let’s be honest, finding a company to trust with your business isn’t all that different from finding a significant other in your personal life.

In a personal relationship, there are a few things that are important above all. You know, like trust, aligned values, and a shared vision. In my experience, successful relationships are those when there’s complete trust, the values are aligned, and each person has a clear vision of where the relationship is heading. A relationship can get awkward real quick if both people aren’t on the same page about where it’s heading.

Isn’t that similar to a business relationship? There has to be trust between both parties. Our clients put their trust in us that we’re going to help them reach their goals. Their trust in us isn’t automatic. It’s earned over time and through actions. We’re well aware of that. At the same time, we put our trust in our clients to provide us with all of the information about their business that allows us to do our best work.

Our clients are usually the ones who have a clear vision for where their business is going and they know what’s required to get there. Our clients are honest people, they’re flexible with us, and they’re open to our ideas. A business relationship like this only works if both sides have the same values.

Just like finding a significant other, it’s not always easy to find a partner for your business. It takes time, it takes trust. It has to be a good fit for everyone involved.

Thank you. For trusting us. For sharing your vision with us. For having many of the same values we do. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. You inspire us to do our best work.