Project Description

    The New Adventures of Buffalo Bill

    North Platte / Lincoln County Visitor’s Bureau

    Buffalo Bill's Buffalo of Approval Seal


    Create a campaign that ties together all of the diverse activities and attractions in North Platte and Lincoln County in a way that can grab attention and take advantage of media consumption habits.

    Because North Platte and Lincoln County have such a diverse group of attractions and activities (the world’s largest rail yard, Buffalo Bill’s ranch, along with rivers and lakes just to name a few) we couldn’t just lump them into one theme and run with it.

    We also needed to create a campaign that would allow us to use lots of different media (print, digital, social, TV, and pre-roll video) in an effort to effectively communicate with a diverse group of targets that spanned a wide range of age groups and interests.

    Lastly we needed to ensure that we grabbed people’s attention.


    Buffalo Bill Backward Horse Ad

    Our solution was to create a tour guide for the public, someone who could showcase all of the great attractions and activities available in North Platte. So seeing as how Buffalo Bill’s Ranch is located in North Platte we decided to use him. Or at least a very obviously fake, ridiculous version of him. One who dials up the boastfulness and need for attention at the core of all entertainers in a way that showcases all the fun things in North Platte.

    He can’t ride a horse, throw a lasso, or win a go-kart race, but he’s the best and he’s having a great time in North Platte.

    All of the best things in North Platte, attractions, activities, and destinations, have received Buffalo Bill’s coveted Buffalo of Approval.

    • Website
    • Facebook Ad Campaign
    • Google Ad Campaign
    • YouTube Video series
    • Print Ads
    • Other Collateral

    Results / Impact:

    Facebook ad stats:

    • 2,300,000 impressions
    • 15,000 clicks
    • $4.56 cost per thousand impressions

    New Adventures of Buffalo Bill facebook ad

    Google ad stats:

    • 455,585 impressions
    • 3,533 clicks
    • $7.24 cost per thousand impressions
    • $.24 cost per click

    Facebook Video

    • 123,000 10 second video views
    • 45,700 watched total video
    • $.06 to watch an entire video

    To find more of Buffalo Bill’s adventures, head to

    Visit North Platte website

    Web Traffic Generated

    The campaign has been very successful, both in generating awareness, and creating over 4,300 total leads.

    In the first six months, the Buffalo Bill campaign generated over 655,000 impressions on Facebook and Instagram and there was an increase of 50% activity on from selected target markets.

    Print Campaign

    Ads are placed in relevant publications with unique URLs. We are able to track the ad’s effectiveness and, through A-B testing, create the outcomes that are most desired.

    New Adventures of Buffalo Bill print ad
    Buffalo Bill Tanking Ad - Visit North Platte
    Buffalo Bill Rodeo Ad - Visit North Platte
    Buffalo Bill Antiques Ad - Visit North Platte


    The campaign won The Outstanding Marketing Campaign Award at the 2017 Nebraska Tourism Conference:

    The Outstanding Marketing Campaign Award went to the North Platte/Lincoln County Visitors Bureau for the New Adventures of Buffalo Bill campaign. Taking inspiration from the success of the new Kentucky Fried Chicken marketing campaign reviving Col. Sanders, the North Platte/Lincoln County Visitors Bureau decided to re-introduce to the world to Buffalo Bill Cody- a bit of a slap-stick “legend-in-his-own-mind” character proud of the place where he lived for nearly 40 years.

    Through video, memes and still photography, Buffalo Bill introduces the world to North Platte and gives his “Stamp of Approval.”

    In the first six months, the Buffalo Bill campaign generated over 655,000 impressions on Facebook and Instagram and they saw an increase of 50% activity on from some of their target markets. The campaign provided a consistent message, the home of the historical home of Buffalo Bill offers a lot, and created abundant awareness across multiple platforms. Another phase of the Buffalo Bill campaign is currently in the works.

    The campaign won the 2018 Prism Award – Consumer Marketing Campaign – Small Business, at the Lincoln AMA 2018 Prism Awards.

    North Platte / Lincoln County Visitors Bureau Nebraska Tourism Commission Award

    Outstanding Marketing Campaign Award

    Prism Award

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