Project Description

TOAST Nebraska is the only wine festival that exclusively features wines grown in Nebraska. Unlike many other states, Nebraska Farm Winery regulations require that at least 75% of the grapes, fruit, berries, or honey used must be grown in Nebraska, making the wines truly unique. The event was created by the Nebraska Wine and Grape Growers Association to bring awareness to Nebraska wineries, and to promote Nebraska-grown wines.

M2 was tasked with branding the festival and creating the marketing strategy. We created a brand that captures the fun and energy of a wine festival in a playful way. We wanted a brand that would look as natural on a banner as it would a t-shirt, sticker, or tote bag. Our marketing strategy included the ToastNebraska website, a digital ad campaign, leave-behind postcards for retail spaces, and bottle-hanger tags for placement at wine sellers that carried Nebraska Wines. The bottle-hangers and postcards were distributed by the participating wineries to retail locations throughout the state. The marketing proudly announces the event as a Nebraska-centric event, which champions the member wineries.

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