Project Description

Southwest Nebraska is a tourism co-op that represents six counties in the southwestern part of the state. The member counties contribute funds to run the group, and share in the advertising and promotion costs. The region has a variety of outdoor sporting opportunities including lakes and streams, golf courses, and hunting lands. The land varies from high-plains desert, to grazing land, to fertile farmland – and everything in-between. Of course- there are other things to do and see, including historical sites, museums, cultural activities, and scenic byways.

M2 was tasked with creating a visual identity, website, and ad campaign for the newly founded group. Inspired by the idea of the “family road trip” and the fact that Southwest Nebraska is only accessible by highway driving, we devised the branding and marketing campaign to match. The logo and brand are inspired by vintage ads and gas station logos, using bold type and simple colors. We wanted the brand to be distinguishable on a billboard a mile ahead on the highway! The “Room to Roam” tagline and the “Quality Time” campaign are built around the road trip concept, and the wide-open nature of the landscape. features an easily navigable directory of Things to Do, Places to Stay, and Food & Drink in the area. The directory can be filtered by a number of categories – as well as by location – which makes finding what you’re looking for very intuitive. The directory is also easy to manage on the back-end, making it simple for the Southwest Nebraska staff to update on the fly.

Award Winning Work