Habitat For Humanity

Testimonial Video

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home.

Once a year, Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln holds a Community Builders Breakfast highlighting inspiring stories and testimonials through the nonprofit organization that year.

Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln came to us to film a testimonial video for their banquet, highlighting Awel and her family’s encouraging story. Part of her bio is here below:

“In 2003, Awel was in labor and given an epidural to help with labor pains. Unfortunately, the injection left her paralyzed from the waist down…

…In 2005 she started to use a walker. But her Home is not ADA accessible, and it is hard for her to get around using her walker…

It is difficult for Awel to rely on her children and husband to [sic] simple things around the house and day-to-day personal tasks…

With Habitat, Awel and Peter will build a stable, affordable home that brings strength and self-reliance to their family.”

To capture this incredible story, the M2 Team worked with Habitat for Humanity to film an interview with Awel to tell the story herself. Capturing B-Roll was limited due to COVID-19. Photos of Awel and her family, along with diverse camera angles, allowed the story to flow while also displaying genuine raw emotion.

Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln premiered the final video at their 2020 live-streamed Community Builders Breakfast.