Our Values


Open: We are open. We’re open with our communication, our hierarchy, our minds, and we’re open to ideas. Speak up, we’re listening.


Flexible: We are adaptable and resourceful. Good ideas come from everywhere, we don’t believe in silos. Our flexibility allows us to pursue our interests and be our best self.


Ownership: We are empowered to take responsibility, follow our passions and we own the results. Have an influence. We will be recognized. Step up, own your work.


Fun: Who wants work to be work? Tomfoolery is on the schedule, it allows us to be problem solvers. It’s science.


Kaizen: It’s about continuous improvement. Win the day.


No Assholes: Yea, we embrace our clients for who they are, but we don’t deal with assholes. We don’t work with them internally or externally. They are disrupters and unfun. We don’t work with assholes.