ITPAC has been a great client for us.  They focus on IT security services for Financial Institutions and Health Care practices.  We set up a strategy each year to help them reach their goals.  In 2014 we focused on helping ITPAC reach more banks and ensuring that health care providers are aware of the risks and requirements associated with electronic health records and HIPAA regulations.


For ITPAC we developed  a diversified campaign that encompasses very tightly targeted direct mail, education-based email marketing, and print collateral pieces that focused on the evolving issues that banks and healthcare provides face.  Because of the constantly shifting nature of the IT security environment, all of the pieces are updated regularly to keep current and potential clients aware of the issues that pertain to their businesses.  By keeping up with the issues that are relevant to the targets Maly Marketing has been able to provide ITPAC with the marketing materials they need, and an ROI that makes sense for their business.


If you’d like to find out more about what Maly Marketing has done for ITPAC feel free to contact them today.