That is a key question regardless of what you do. Most of us are wired to strive to do our best work with little variation, however it doesn’t always fully happen. I understand because I’m guilty of it on a regular basis as well. However, ever since we adapted that as our Mission it is amazing the consistent results we have been able to produce. The key is that it is something that each of our team members has bought into.

One of the ‘secrets’ on how we do this consistently is we have fun on a daily basis. It allows us to relax and refocus on what matters. While traveling through the best damn state in all of the land, we stopped in little Potter Nebraska for duck pin bowling. Look, I was stressing about deadlines and my initial reaction to my team was ‘You have fun while I do this extremely important work so I can save the world.’ It was a bullshit response and they called me on it.

Duck pin bowling ended up being one of the coolest things I have done in a long time. It is in a really cool old building and the lanes themselves are from at least the 1940s. You bowl with balls a little bigger than a softball and the pins are miniature. You also have to set up the pins yourself along with keep your own score manually.  We bought in a cooler of beer, BS’d with Hal and his son Drew, who have been very committed to refurbishing Potter’s historic bowling alley, heard stories about 11 year olds riding miniature bulls and bowled the best games of duck pin bowling in Maly Marketing history. It doesn’t matter who won (actually it does and it wasn’t me so I’m not stating who) and it was a great way to escape for a while while being on the road.

Do you know what the end outcome was? I was able to relax, enjoyed being in the moment and then cranked out some of the best work I have done all week. That is how you do Your Best Work with No Bullshit.