Autoworks is a fantastic local auto repair shop in south Lincoln.  They needed some help with website updates and SEO as well as a plan to help them attract new customers.  We were able to use their expertise with several luxury brands to produce a tightly targeted direct mail campaign as well as leveraging that expertise to increase the SEO of their website and alter the messaging.


The direct mail campaign highlighted the Autoworks team’s years of experience and training that made them the best choice for maintenance and repairs for people who owned Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes vehicles.  By only focusing on owners of those specific brands within a defined model year range and then targeting those owners with a close proximity to the shop, Maly Marketing was able to deliver a highly effective marketing effort that delivered the results that Autoworks needed.


If you’d like to find out more about how Maly Marketing helpedAutoworksreach their goals feel free to contact them.

AWD Mailer2 6x9 in_Lexus_Front-01AWD Mailer2 6x9 in_Lexus_Back-01  BMW_Front-01  BMW_Back-01