Athena Butler

Graphic Designer

Athena is a creative problem solver with a deep love for all avenues of design and marketing. Her primary responsibility is developing visual solutions that connect clients with their audiences and crafting experiences that will make lasting impressions. Her superpower is her relentless drive to learn new things and improve her skills. She may not know how to do that one thing you saw that one time that you really liked, but don’t worry; she will be a pro at it in a day or two, like that one time she taught herself how to animate things so she could create engaging social media posts.

Outside of the office, Athena is an artist, cat mom, hustler, music lover, cosplayer, self-taught snowboarder, and avid coffee drinker. She is curious, passionate, enthusiastic, and loves to explore and experience new things. Oh, and did we mention that she is also a tattoo artist?